Savignola, whose name has Etruscan origins, was known as a Christian settlement, built around the first half of the seventeenth century.
In 1780 the Fabbri family purchased Savignola, starting wine production in the second half of the 1800s. But the first real success of Savignola was down to the efforts of Paolina, who between the two world wars - initially by assisting her widowed mother and then directly - took charge of the company and created its present name: Savignola Paolina. As Veronelli wrote in an article in “Panorama” in 1974: a proud combination of two names: a cru born of the close bond between land and vine grower.
With the death of Paolina, who was in her nineties, in 1988, her grandson Carlo started to run the company. He was later joined by his daughter Ludovica, who then became the owner in 1998.
Ludovica and her husband Antonio Giordano started a series of company modernisation measures: new vines were planted while other vines which had reached the end of their productive cycle were replaced. The old fermentation and ageing cellars were renovated and a new one built, with controlled temperatures throughout, for the production and storage of bottled wine, thus creating a whole new area in which to continue the production of high quality wines.

Ludovica and Antonio Giordano Company